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PPC Advertising

Our analysis and setup process will get us from just understanding to actively advertising. The platforms that enable PPC at Google, Bing, Yahoo and Facebook need a custom setup specific to each client before we flip the switch and start bringing in traffic. Our understanding of your business, PPC knowledge and experience, along with a competitive/industry analysis will give us a clear strategy to move forward with your PPC plan. Whether you are a PPC veteran with well oiled campaigns or just starting out as a new advertiser, we will work with you to develop a solid strategy to move forward.

Our methods and strategies are developed through years of experience and training. Below lists some of our best practices we use during the analysis and setup phase.

  • Perform keyword research to find terms with good performance potential
  • Set up geo-targeting (targeting ads to specific geographical locations)
  • Create campaigns and ad groups per quality score best practices
  • Set up negative keywords to avoid ad spend waste
  • Select and configure best match types based upon term popularity
  • Create ad copy per best practices, including calls to action
  • Set up conversion tracking so that successful leads/sales can be traced back to the keywords/ads that generated them
  • Set up ad extensions to make ads stand out with additional information
  • Set up or optimize geo-targeting (targeting ads to specific geographical locations)
  • Blocking irrelevant search terms that came in on broad or phrase match to stop ad spend waste
  • Changing of match types for better budget optimization
  • Splitting existing ad groups into more granular/targeted groups for better quality scores
  • Changing ad copy to be more closely related to ad group keywords
  • Removal of key phrases that are not performing
  • Adding new phrases that have conversion potential based upon actual search terms entered & keyword research performed
  • Set up or enhance conversion tracking so that successful leads/sales can be tracked back to the keywords/ads that generated them
  • Set up or enhance ad extensions to make ads stand out with additional information


PPC is the quickest way to push traffic to your website and AdWords remains the number 1 PPC advertising platform with over 70% market share.

Our Google AdWords management services cover everything from in-depth research and strategic planning to campaign creation, ongoing management, conversion tracking and detailed reporting to deliver the best ROI and customer service possible.


Our Facebook PPC management services allow businesses to advertise to the 2 billion users who use Facebook every month. PPC management is not just about SEM or publisher websites anymore. With highly visual PPC ads, remarketing, similar audiences, video advertising and much more, Facebook advertising is not to be missed.


Google ads may have greater potential reach but PPC management services with Bing ads can achieve excellent ROI. The cost per click of Bing ads is on average 33.5% cheaper than AdWords and they have a lower cost per conversion. Bing is an ideal choice for businesses looking to reach the largest market with multi PPC platform advertising.


Attracting customers to your site is only the first stage in reaching a sale or lead. 96% of first time visitors to your site are not yet ready to convert. However, previous visitors are far more likely to convert when you market to them again. Paid Traffic can increase the conversion rate of your PPC campaigns with remarketing across search, display, social networks and with email remarketing.

Search Engine Optimization

The beauty of Search Engine Optimization is that it’s built to last. The strategies we implement for our clients result in definitive short-term wins, but more importantly, they continue to drive an increasing number of traffic, leads, and sales with each passing year.

Link Building

Link Building is the complex process of building a network of reputable, relevant links pointing to your website. Teknicks focuses on quality over quantity combined with a strong On-Page SEO foundation to catapult your website’s search engine rankings and maximize your organic traffic.

  • Backlink analysis
  • Previous penalty evaluation
  • Keyword research and selection
  • Competitor backlink audits
  • Evaluate content and website assets
  • Strategy Development
  • Link & relationship building
    • Power influencer outreach
    • Authoritative and relevant resource pages
    • University/College partnerships (EDU)
    • Government partnerships
    • High quality, relevant, blog/article mentions
    • Social influenced links
    • Links within online communities & forums
    • Brand mentions
  • Ongoing research & outreach
    • Isolate quality sites based on the following:
      • Keyword relevance
      • Reputation
      • Trust
      • Authority
      • Neighborhood
      • Social influence
    • Outreach performed via @clientemailaddress.com
    • Outreach via social and contact forms, etc.



On-Page Optimization

We will go page by page of your site, reviewing the content and SEO elements to provide you with recommendations on how to improve the pages online visibility. We work with you to prioritize the pages of your website based on the defined strategy and business goals. This is also when we conducts our extensive keyword research to determine the content optimization and interlinking strategies.

Focuses on:

  • Keywords (primary, secondary, systemically related)
  • URL Filenames
  • Page Titles
  • Meta Descriptions
  • Meta Keywords
  • Images
  • Headings
  • Page-Level Specialty Markup
  • Microformats & Rich Snippets
  • Page Copy
  • Page-Level Links (internal and external)



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